I am in total gratitude for the healing gifts Karen Gay has been given. The different modalities Karen uses tap deeply into the subconscious releasing past trauma or memories that no longer serve one.

– Chris M.


Healing, true, deep healing is what I’ve evolved to practice. You’d like “just” a massage? I can do that too. I’ve acquired several tools to help my clients on their healing journey.


Private Healing Sessions

My passion for mind-body wellness led me to open my holistic health practice in 2011. In my private healing practice I employ various modalities to guide my clients through deep healing transformations.

moveMent & Personalized Training Classes

As a physical education specialist, I designs movement programs for strength and conditioning, as well as the enhancement of the mind-body connection through Pilates, Qi Gong, and Yoga.

Wellness  Programs,  Workshops & Retreats

I host an array of workshops designed to expand your understanding of the healing process and the metaphysical world.

Retreats are designed to provide the opportunity to slow down your nervous system, connect mind and body and enlighten your being and restore vitality.

Visiting Practitioner

Although I am based in Hanoi, I work internationally at leading resorts and wellness centers as a visiting practitioner and workshop facilitator.




Tristan K.

Karen is probably the person whom awake me on this therapeutic process. She is so benevolent, with a huge knowledge of what she is talking about. She’ll never judge you, she’ll always find the right words to help you to find the solution by yourself.
I’m glad that I’ve met Karen on my journey, I definitely recommend her.

Douglas W.H.

As a psychotherapist in Hanoi, I have referred numerous clients to Karen for additional support in their therapeutic process. Karen has deep awareness and the ability to integrate the healing of the body as part of one’s mental/emotional health. I appreciate her calm presence, insightful methods and professionalism.

Anneliese W.

It is difficult for me to begin to explain how much Karen has helped my mind, body, and soul. The energy and experiences she provides are unlike anything I have felt in my life. I had never experienced bodywork before and she opened a new world to me! She makes bodywork approachable, personal, and interesting to allow you to connect with the process in an individual, unique way. I have recommended Karen to both my friends and family and would encourage anyone seeking to better their life through growth and reflection to visit her. Her work is truly transformative.

Lina G.

“My son had some great sessions with Karen. He loved them, he was so relaxed and even slept during the sessions. He has really benefited from the sessions. His focus, self-awareness, and attention span are much better since the sessions, and consequently his performance at school is much higher. The results are incredible!”

Stepping Up

Have you ever volunteered for something and then thought, Yikes, what have I done?! That was exactly what I did when I submitted my application and was accepted to speak at the 2018 TEDx TayHo Women’s event.

The theme for the presentations was “Showing Up.” For me it represented an opportunity to step forward and share some insights with the audience but it also provided very visceral sensations of what it means to be outside of one’s comfort zone.

I offer some take aways in the Talk on living your highest good. I invite you to have a listen.