Did you Know You could illuminate and empower your life by tapping into the wisdom of your soul?



A Soul Lit Life

The Soul Lit Life program is an incredible way to unlock your soul’s potential, to go beyond the limiting constraints of a conventional life and to tap into the wellspring of your deeper knowing.


My name is Karen Gay, and I am your facilitator on this 6-week journey. When it comes to holistic health I feel like a renaissance woman. I have spent 15 years on a transformative journey in each aspect of the human experience, the physical, the mental, the emotional, and the spiritual. The journey never ends, and I continue on it to this day. 



My passion to assist others on their journey, and my knowledge of the human journey, the hero’s journey, the true journey of the soul, has inspired me to create the Soul Lit Life program. 


In this six-week program I share lessons I’ve learned on my own journey, and bring forward the knowledge I’ve gained from studying with masters in their fields. 


I share with you tools to connect to your true avatar, your Soul. With these tools you will embark on the art of living “wholy you,” a more integrated, enriched, and enlightened version of you.

Living a Soul Lit Life means you are illuminated and empowered by your soul’s wisdom. You are guided forward in life with Divine inspiration.


“I joined the Soul Lit Summer program with Karen and loved her tailored techniques and varied healing modalities. The Qi Gong 5 Elements components and HMR sessions have been integral to help me through my grieving process and balancing overall wellbeing. If you’re looking to do deeper work, I recommend you seek Karen’s expertise. I’ve been seeing her for many years and we are so fortunate to have her here in Ha Noi.” – Natasha



A Rare Find… A Soul Lit Life program incorporates all the aspects of our human experiencing. I know your time is valuable, so I have put together the most all encompassing, life-enriching program I could so you would be able to apply the elements to multiple areas of your life, immediately and organically.


Components that address the physical, the mental, the emotional, and the spiritual aspects of our make-up are integrated into a comprehensive program that allows you to unlock your soul’s potential, the potential it is yearning to bring forward should you wish to embrace it. 


I am here as your guide, your wayshower, your cheerleader. As someone who has spent years simply going through the motions of life and now awakened to its deeper meaning, I am excited about facilitating your illuminating journey and lighting up your path!


The world needs more light. I’d like to help you shine your light as bright as you possibly can. When you invite your soul to brighten your way, your light helps brighten the way of others around you. 


Embark on the Path Now






The six-week journey guides you through the 5 Elements and your body’s chakra energy system to shine light on the part of your soul that is in the shadows and to bring it forward for healing and transformation. The healing is facilitated by private one-to-one sessions of Holographic Memory Resolution. The integration of mind/body exercises such as Qi Gong, guided visualization, and breathwork provide empowerment on your transformative journey.




What’s included in the journey:

Three private 90-minute healing sessions ($225value)

Weekly Qi Gong classes ($180 value)

Weekly theory classes on the human energy field ($180 value)

Breathwork and guided visualization tools for regulating the central nervous system (invaluable)

Workbook with exercises and resources for lifelong application and growth (invaluable)

Private follow-up session after 28 days ($50)


Total Value:



I’ve put all these healing tools together in one package and made it available to you at a reduced price of



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I’m Ready to Illuminate My Soul


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