The Meta-Quantum Physics of Healing


The little known workings of metaphysical healing are the highlight of this important workshop

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The Meta-Quantum Physics of Healing

The Meta-Quantum Physics of Healing, (MQPH) workshop explores the human energy field, consciousness, our connection to a higher power and more. The little known workings of metaphysical healing are the highlight of this important workshop. This is an essential workshop for anyone serious about healing and the artful practice of life.



During my 15 years as a healing arts practitioner, I journeyed with spiritual teachers to mystical parts of the world. I learned teachings passed down from the ancestors, I experienced ceremonies with high priests, I followed the trails of the the “gods.” Yet, all of these teachings fell short of imparting the full nature of healing and the human experience. 


Over the course of my nine years as a holistic health practitioner my quest has always been to get to the root cause of disharmony. My practice expanded from deep tissue massage to deep subconscious healing. I finally arrived at the root cause.



It is my passion to help others heal and to share the little known, yet vitally important dynamics of healing. Presently, I am only able to offer this workshop a couple of times a year, participant space is limited. If you’ve been on a healing or spiritual journey, you’ll want to attend this workshop. 


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“I went to Meta-Quantum Physics of Healing workshop of Karen a year ago with the intention to find the way out of my depression at that time but after the workshop I have not only found that way but also have known many ways to improve the quality of my life and live this life to the fullest. In this workshop, you can find many techniques to heal yourself, to have better health or to feel the energy inside you, such as Qi gong or Jin shin jyutsu. With a clear explanation of Karen – a wonderful healer whose energy is pure with love, you can find things which seem to be abstract and very easy to understand. Meta-quantum physics of healing has changed my views, my thoughts and my attitude to life and helped me to have a stronger body, clearer mind and tranquil soul.” – Linh

– workshop participant September 2019





Now is the time

The year 2020 greatly impacted nearly everyone on this planet. If ever there was a time for healing, it is now. The MQPH workshop offers you practical healing tools along with insight to your Divine spiritual essence.


Stay tuned for the next MQPH workshop.


As mentioned, space is limited, so you will act quickly when the workshop is announced.






This Jam-packed workshop includes:

1. Jin Shin Jyutsu Self-Help healing flows

2. Qi Gong exercises to connect body and mind

3. Visualization techniques to help transform programmed mind-sets

4. Introduction to body consciousness and Holographic Memory Resolution

5. Cosmic Soul Blueprint reading to help gain greater perceptibility of your Divine nature



The Day’s Schedule



2nd Floor Yoga Studio

Introduction to quantum and metaphysics and how they are related to the human body



2nd Floor Yoga Studio

Our Human Energy Field



2nd Floor Yoga Studio

Self-Help Energy Healing Routine



2nd Floor Yoga Studio

Self-Help Tools for Anxiety/Fear/Depression



Gazpacho Salad Bar

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2nd Floor Yoga Studio

The 5 Elements



3rd Floor Yoga Studio

Qi Gong for Mind Body Connection



2nd Floor Yoga Studio

Guided Meditation



2nd Floor Yoga Studio




2nd Floor Yoga Studio

the Emotional/Spiritual Bodies



2nd Floor Yoga Studio

Holographic Memory Resolution



2nd Floor Yoga Studio







For those in Hanoi, this workshop is offered at a uniquely special price:


The investment for acquiring a lifetime of tools that will help with:
anxiety, depression, chronic pain, energy imbalance, and more:


(Includes light refreshments)


This is a full day, deep dive into the mind-body-soul connection.


* Along with the special price quoted above there is an opportunity to take advantage of the early bird offer.

* Early bird registration and payment by:


800K VND



The world needs healing. If you feel drawn to learn the true nature of healing and apply the necessary tools, please join me for a revelatory day steeped in the meta-quantum physics of healing.

I’m Ready for the Quantum Leap


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